Definitions for "Gene cloning"
Isolating a gene and producing many identical copies of it so that it can be studied in detail.
The formation of a bacterium, carrying foreign genes in a recombinant plasmid, of a clone of identical cells containing the replicated foreign genes.
The production of a lineage of cells all of which contain one kind of DNA fragment of interest derived from a population of many kinds of DNA fragments. Operationally by: inserting (recombining) a population of DNA molecules, known to contain the DNA of interest, into a population of vector DNA molecules in such a way that each vector molecule contains only a single DNA molecule from the original population; transforming a population of host cells with the vector DNA recombinants such that each host cell takes up only one vector; growing single host cells separately (cloning) by plating at low density to form a collection of separate colonies; screening the colonies (clones) formed for the presence of the DNA of interest.