Definitions for "Gender"
A classification of nouns, primarily according to sex; and secondarily according to some fancied or imputed quality associated with sex.
The social characteristics associated with biological femaleness or maleness in any particular society; a set of social arrangements, patterns, structures, and institutions designed to produce and reinforce social differences between men and women.
Referring to the sex of an individual (male or female).
A family of metallophones found in Java and Bali usually consisting of bronze keys suspended over bamboo tube resonators; played with two light mallets with a round disk of wood at the end in Bali and with padded mallets in Javanese gamelan; the gender instruments within a Balinese ensemble are purposely made in pairs that are slightly “out of tune” to create acoustical or “shimmering” beats that create the characteristic Balinese gamelan sound.
(gen-der') Metallophone of Java and Bali, with thin bronze bars suspended on cords in a carved wooden frame, usually above tubular resonators. The resonators are tuned in unison with their respective bars. They are played with mushroom-shaped beaters held loosely between forefinger and middle finger;
Grouping of plant species which share similar morphologic characteristics and, therefore, are related.
The Gender is a stream in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. It originates in originally marshy flatlands near Steensel and flows for twenty kilometers through Veldhoven and Meerveldhoven in a general east-northeast direction towards Eindhoven. Here, the Gender originally flowed towards and through the city centre to end in a confluence with the Dommel stream, but by the nineteenth century, the stretch within the old city had been filled and the Gender now ended in De Vest, the city moat (which itself was connected to the Dommel).
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To beget; to engender.
the difference betwen "he" and "it" (see IVa) the marker used in the lexicon to label Intransitive verbs (see VIIIb)
Parent Term: Flower_&_fruit Child Terms: Dioecious Bisexual Hermaphrodite Monoecious Sterile Difficulty Level
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To copulate; to breed.
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Gender is a Yahoo! Shopping field. Gender information can be used by Yahoo! to help determine the most appropriate areas of Yahoo! Shopping to display your products. Highly recommended for Apparel products.
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(Type: field, Internal name: gender) Single letter identifying the inmate's gender.
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Kind; sort.
Voluntarily self-reported by the student. Some missing data.