Definitions for "Gemstones"
A gemstone, also called a precious stone, is a mineral that is valuable, rare and often beautiful. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, often treasured as birthstones. Gemstones are priced and graded by carat weight. A few organic materials, like amber, coral and pearls are also considered gemstones.
rocks & minerals that have been cut & polished, used for decoration and are usually rare and valuable
are any precious or semi-precious stones, whether as mined, or cut and polished; for example, diamond, opal, etc.
Gems are specimens of minerals or organic materials used for personal adornment that possess the attributes of beauty, rarity, and durability.
Minerals that have an aesthetic or rarity value. Gemstone list.
This article is about a music album. For information about the minerals, see gemstone.
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