Definitions for "Geisha"
A Japanese singing and dancing girl, trained to provide entertainment and company for a man or group of men.
Traditional female entertainer accomplished in the arts.
an entertainer trained in many arts
an epic drama about the remote and shimmeringly exotic
a sweeping romantic epic set in a mysterious and exotic world that still casts a potent spell today
The Chinese Elm U. parvifolia cultivar Geisha is a dwarf variety rarely exceeding 2 m in height, distinguished by its small, variegated leaves Relatively common in cultivation in Europe, it is represented at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire, and at the Royal Horticultural Society gardens, Wisley.
an enormously beautiful and affecting film, one that multiple viewings will no doubt enhance the viewers' appreciation
a throwback to that era and it already feels creaky and old, an empty if beautiful shell
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a perfect hostess, much to be admired
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a Cinderella story like no other
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Geisha is a easy to use drawing program, based on GTK and aimed for Linux users. Geisha is intended to provide small but usefull tools for fast and easy image edition and creation.
a breathtaking performance twice over,
a REALLY good book too
a wonderful book that captivates the reader from page one
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an excellent read
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a pre-viewed DVD but we guarantee in good condition