Definitions for "GEARS"
Keywords:  mesh, shaft, teeth, interlocking, wheel
Wheel-like parts with teeth cut into the rim. Meshing of the teeth of two gears enables one to move the other thus transmitting power.
Strictly speaking, these are the toothed, interlocking wheels that drive your machine heads. In layman's terms, this is the mechanism that takes your twisting of the tuning pegs, turns it 90%, and applies to the tuning post so that it will wind on more or less of your strings.
Made of hard steel, these are basically wheels with meshing teeth to transmit power between rotating shafts. These are instrumental in affecting the speed ratio of the vehicle.
Keywords:  spur, helical, piston, motor, bevel
Connect the motor to the piston.
gears increase or reduce the power developed by the motor into usable force. Helical gears, planetary gears and spur gears are the most common types of gears.
Spur gears, worm gears, bevel gears, precision gear manufacturers, helical & custom gear manufacturers.
Keywords:  zohar, robots, fighting, human, slave
Human-shaped robots used for fighting. The source of the power that allows the Gears to operate is the Zohar Modifier.
Human-shaped robots used for fighting. Most Gears are powered via slave generators that draw energy from Zohar.
Refers to Ring and Pinion gears in the front and rear differential. The larger the number ratio the "lower" gears you have. (3.5:1 three point five to 1, 4.88:1 four point eighty eight to one)
Gears is the name of a character in the Transformers toy line and fictional storyline.
Keywords:  pedal, bike, rider, stroke, travel
Mechanism that allows a rider to change the distance a bike can travel with each pedal stroke.
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