Definitions for "gearbox"
Encased assembly of gears used to multiply engine torque and an output shaft.
an arrangement of gears linked to a motor to change the speed, direction or turning force of the output shaft
Device able to speed up or reduce the rotary motion of its input shaft compared with its output shaft. A reduced output shaft speed multiplies the input torque.
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Contain the gears & piston.
Contains the gears & piston.
This is the core of an AEG airsoft gun. The box holds the gears, piston, cylinder, and spring for an AEG.
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Gearbox See ' Mechbox'.
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Ruggedized shop floor 25MHz 80386 PS/2 for CIM 1 applications – configured much like a programmable logic controller. Obsolete.
a strong analogy for our studio in that is a complex, but highly efficient machine
a very important part of a plastics machine, notes Zambello
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A java implementation of a 'live' real-time visual debugger. A progressing sequence diagram tied to a debugger. Hope to integrate to the eclipse platform
the metal casing in which a train of gears is sealed.
the casing in which gears are enclosed.
A protective casing for a system of gears.
the switching pulse duration (or "gear") is selected from a range of eleven discrete values. The gearbox can change gear up or down by one gear at a time, on each switching cycle. This means that the maximum response time to a load change is eleven switching cycles.