Definitions for "Gazebo"
gazebo n : a small roofed structure affording shade and rest. Also an open framework for playing and assisting at playing most any OGL d20/DND game in the Gnome 2 environment.
A freestanding roofed structure usually open on the sides, often located in a yard or park
A gazebo is a small roofed outbuilding erected for outdoor dining and entertaining. This hardscape feature is often octagonal, with open, screened, or latticework sides. the word is a contraction of gaze about. The plural form is either gazebos or gazeboes.
A turret or balcony providing a view or a small building overlooking a view
A covered, porch-like stage, deck or raised patio. Although it usually does not have walls, it is balconied and can be screened.
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a great accessory for your yard
a great addition to any backyard because it gives it strength, charm and a focal point
a great location for a tropical bar
a perfect place to enjoy a quiet summer evening surrounded by some of your favorite flowers and vines
a wonderful place to eat lunch and enjoy the westerly views
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a landscaping feature that enhances the real estate value of your property
an added feature