Definitions for "Gaucho"
Keywords:  cowboy, pampas, herder, uruguay, pants
One of the native inhabitants of the South American pampas, of Spanish-American descent. They live mostly by rearing cattle. Hence, a South American cowboy, especially on the pampas.
A member of an Indian population, somewhat affected by Spanish blood, in the archipelagoes off the Chilean coast.
Often used in the plural, "gauchos." Refers to the "gaucho pants§" or wide wide, calf-length trousers for men or women based on the trousers worn by South American gauchos (cowboys).
a bench seat that folds down into a bed
Sofa/dinette bench that converts into a sleeping unit; a term less used now than formerly.
The built-in couch in an RV that converts into a bed. It often conceals storage compartments.
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Gaucho was Steely Dan's last album before the band's 10-year breakup from June 1981 to October 1991. The album, originally released in 1980, was also the band's last studio album until the 2000 release of Two Against Nature. Despite exceptional difficulties in the album's production (e.g., Walter Becker getting hit by a car, a dispute over what company had the rights to the album, attempts to get the record company to lower the price from $9.98 to the original $8.98 and the accidental erasing of an entire track - "The Second Arrangement" - by a recording engineer), the album reached #9 on the charts and went platinum.
insecticide; active ingredient: imidacloprid; main applications: seed dressing for sugar beet, corn, cereals, cotton, canola