Definitions for "Gat"
All sections in a tala and accompanied by Tabla.
refers to a composition played on a tantuvAdya or the tabla
Name given to instrumental "compositions" performed in the khyal genre.
General Achievement Test. The test that is done by all students doing a Unit 3 and 4 sequence. It is used by the VCAA to check that schools are marking School-assessed Tasks to the same standard and as part of statistical moderation of School-assessed Coursework. It does not count towards your VCE graduation, but your GAT results are reported to you with your Statement of Results.
General Achievement Test. A test of knowledge and skills in writing, mathematics, science and technology, humanities and social sciences and the arts. All students enrolled in VCE Unit 3 and 4 sequence must sit the GAT. It is used by the VCAA to check that schools are marking School-assessed Tasks to the same standard, as part of the statistical moderation of School-assessed Coursework and as a quality assurance check on the VCAA’s marking of examinations and School-assessed Tasks.
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eographic rea ype
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A Gat is a traditional article of Korean clothing. It is most commonly a cylindrical black hat worn by men, made from horsehair on a bamboo frame. It was worn to protect the topknot, which all Korean men wore prior to the late 19th century.
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GAT (acronym for Gypsies and Thieves , also spelled G.A.T.) is a clothing company specializing in jeans and shirts. GAT is based in Los Angeles, California and is known for its ultra-wide-leg denim jeans. Similar in style to JNCO, GAT grew in popularity within the raver and skater sub-cultures during the wide leg fashion fad which started in Los Angeles and spread across the United States during the 1990s.
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a gangster's pistol
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hering: A group of sheets folded together to be sewn or glued into the binging.
The telework ‘chain’ of the ACTS programme. GAT brings together those working on specific projects that involve telework (see Annexe 2 for a list of these projects).
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imp. of Get.
guidance, apportionment, and targeting
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Release into Flume between Separator Exit and the Primary PIT-Tag Diversion Gate
A strictly-composed form played in a purbi style.
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General Air Traffic
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GAT or Gat can have multiple meanings.