Definitions for "Gareth Jones"
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Gareth Jones (June 6 1925 – November 28 1958) was a British actor, chiefly remembered for his death. During the live television broadcast of the Armchair Theatre play Underground on the ITV network in the UK, Jones died between two of his scenes while in make-up. Director William Kotcheff was forced to improvise with his cast to carry on the play to its conclusion, with producer Sydney Newman ordering him to "shoot it like a football match".
Gareth Jones is a record producer who has worked on many popular and alternative music records by Depeche Mode, Erasure, Indochine, Interpol, and many others.
Gareth Jones (born in 1961 in St Asaph, Wales) is a Welsh television reporter and celebrity. He is also a noted Welsh language (Cymraeg) speaker. Best known for his work as a presenter of children's television and science programmes he has more recently successfully moved to presenting motorsport television and directing programmes.