Definitions for "Gardenia"
A genus of plants, some species of which produce beautiful and fragrant flowers; Cape jasmine; -- so called in honor of Dr. Alexander Garden.
Rich, sweet floral aroma. Benefits: Antiseptic properties.
any of various shrubs and small trees of the genus Gardenia having large fragrant white or yellow flowers
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Gardenia was Malice Mizer's first release after the album "Bara no seidou" [薔薇の聖堂], and first release with Klaha as an official member of the band.
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Gardenia is a simple to use and effective J2EE Web based ERP/CRM/Business Management Software, developed for Portuguese SMEs. Manages information about customers, contacts, products, stocks, orders, invoices, credit/debit notes and payments.
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You're Lovely, Secret Love
states "I love you in secret" and wishes good luck to a man.
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A mood uplifting oil.