Definitions for "Gape"
To open the mouth wide
Showing unselfconsciousness in surprise, astonishment, expectation, etc.
To open or part widely; to exhibit a gap, fissure, or hiatus.
Expressing a desire for food; as, young birds gape.
Manifesting a desire to injure, devour, or overcome.
The gape is a different word for commissure. it is the hinge where the mandibles meet. In most birds only the lower jaw can move, just like in humans. Some birds can move both mandibles, such as parrots. See also Commissure.
Indicating sleepiness or indifference; to yawn.
The act of gaping; a yawn.
Keywords:  mouthline, cetacean
The mouthline of a cetacean.
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To long, wait eagerly, or cry aloud for something; -- with for, after, or at.
Keywords:  shank, hook, space, point
The space between the point of the hook and the shank
Keywords:  feathered, joins, bill, face, base
area where base of the bill joins the feathered face.