Definitions for "Gantry "
the turntable assembly
a framework of steel bars raised on side supports to bridge over or around something; can display railway signals above several tracks or can support a traveling crane etc.
an overhead crane traveling along a bridge-like frame
Scanner structure containing the x-ray tube, collimators and the detector array.
Radiation therapy hardware from which the linear accelerator delivers its energy; the multileaf collimator MLC is attached to the gantry and modulates the radiation beam as it exits
the doughnut- or bagel-shaped device used for CT or MRI
In radiation therapy, a device for rotating the radiation delivery apparatus around the patient, so as to treat from different angles. At Loma Linda University Medical Center's proton treatment facility, the gantries are three-story-high, rotating structures that guide the proton beam from the beam transport system to the beam delivery nozzle.
Hoisting equipment consisting of vertical sides connected by a horizontal beam mounted high enough to provide a clear lift for an object below. Lift is usually provided by a chain hoist and often a gantry can be constructed of two scaffolding towers connected by a beam.
a scaffold for building and servicing rockets
Gantry is a musical with a book by Peter Bellwood, lyrics by Fred Tobias, and music by Stanley Lebowsky.
Gantry is a robust Perl-based Web application framework for Apache/mod_perl, CGI, and Fast-CGI. Object-oriented design allows for a pragmatic, modular approach to URL dispatching. It supports MVC and initiates rapid development, offering an organized coding scheme for Web applications.
A framework that spans a distance, often moving on wheels.
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See Gauntree.
This balcony type bit at the back of the concert hall. The Cinema projector is up there as well.
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A physical structure, generally located over the toll lanes, used for the location of ETC equipment, signs, etc.