Definitions for "game theory"
A branch of mathematics that deals with strategies for maximizing gains or minimizing losses in competitive situations having defined constraints and involving random factors.
A mathematical framework for analysing what choices rational individuals will make, when the pay-offs depend on the combination of all player's choices.... more on: Game Theory
A mathematical formalism used to study human games, economics, military conflicts, and biology.
The modeling of strategic interactions among agents, used in economic models where the numbers of interacting agents (firms, governments, etc.) is small enough that each has a perceptible influence on the others.
A technique for predicting the actions which interdependent rivals may take in their relations with each other.
Approaches to help understand the interactions of competing species, organisms, or genes. · 29 terms
semiotic analysis
analysis of competitive situations to determine the possible, probable, and optimal outcomes
Genetic Algorithms Genetic Programming Genotype
Global Matrix Structure Gray market merchandise
Structured methods of bargaining with and between customers, suppliers and others, both inside and outside the organisation.