Definitions for "GAME"
A contest, physical or mental, according to certain rules, for amusement, recreation, or for winning a stake; as, a game of chance; games of skill; field games, etc.
The use or practice of such a game; a single match at play; a single contest; as, a game at cards.
That which is gained, as the stake in a game; also, the number of points necessary to be scored in order to win a game; as, in short whist five points are game.
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Sport of any kind; jest, frolic.
Animals pursued and taken by sportsmen; wild meats designed for, or served at, table.
Of or pertaining to such animals as are hunted for game, or to the act or practice of hunting.
A repeated series of exchanges between people that seems plausible but has a hidden agenda or purpose. [8
a collection of interesting choices"
a familiar pattern of behaviour with a predictable outcome
A game is where a host has set up a game universe and has anything from 1 (fairly pointless) to 11 (very complicated but damn good fun) races playing.
an amusement or pastime; "they played word games"; "he thought of his painting as a game that filled his empty time"; "his life was all fun and games"
frivolous or trifling behavior; "for actors, memorizing lines is no game"; "for him, life is all fun and games"
A theoretical construct in game theory in which players select actions and the payoffs depend on the actions of all players.
An interaction among mutually aware players.
In transactional analysis, a series of interactions intended to support one person's view of the world at the expense of another. See also 'life script', 'payoff'.
a complete adventure, BTW, not a session
an action adventure based on this tale, or more accurately, how this tale unfolds based in the upcoming movie
an (often all night) adventure in which a number of friends (the XXtra staff is partial to teams of women) drive around a specified area solving puzzles to take them from location to location
A set of actions that play out some concept, idea, etc. for some purpose, i.e., to "win" something, another emotion, stroke, transaction, etc. A frame generated realm that describes and creates our virtual reality or matrix.
a masterpiece to me if I can make it what I imagined it to be in the beginning
a model of reality
Having a resolute, unyielding spirit, like the gamecock; ready to fight to the last; plucky.
Game or Gameness is a quality of fighting dogs that are selectively bred and conditioned from a very early age to develop traits of eagerness despite substantive injury. Dogs displaying this trait can also be described as ready and willing, full of fight, spirited, or plucky. Gameness is valued as it gives the dog the ability to maintain the attack in baiting, despite ripped flesh, dehydration, exhaustion or broken bones.
Contains the rules for the game
Structured musical activities. Jaques-Dalcroze referred to the activities as games because the brain learns more at rest and games have inherent rules that are both interesting and challenging to learn and master. Pedagogically, the game becomes the authority for the student, rather than the teacher. This circumvents the problems inherent in the typical student-teacher relationship. The student is also able to measure her/his success by how well s/he was able to master the rules, rather than waiting for the teacher’s evaluation.(empty)(empty)(empty)
a competitive activity in which participants can aim for something to achieve while a set of predefined rules
a massive victory for the Redmond based company
showing a wiling, strenuous effort, either in victory or defeat
This could be a game run within an event or a reference to LARP itself. Live role play has adopted many games and made some of them their own. Mentioned in this glossery are, Circle of Treachery, Idiot Ball and Juggers.
a single play of a game; "the game lasted 2 hours"
the game equipment needed to play a game; "the child received several games for his birthday"
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an RPG if there are either turn based battles or there is both a system of EXP to level up and a party
a sure to be a hit among strategy RPG fans
an absract activity which involves "interesting" decisions
an activity among two or more independent decision-makers seeking to achieve their objectives in some limiting context
a recreatiornal activity involvin' one or mo'e playurrs
A scheme or art employed in the pursuit of an object or purpose; method of procedure; projected line of operations; plan; project.
an objective combined with a system that provides method(s) of obtaining the objective, along with a method(s) of hindering the pursuit of the objective, where the hinderance is intended to be entertaining
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a mean street gangster, very much like its main characters, and it spares no blows to the poor machines it hits
The GAME Group plc (LSE: GMG.L), usually known by its high street trading name GAME, is a UK based video games retail company with over 500 stores across Europe in a variety of guises and its European Headquarters and Warehouse in Basingstoke, England.
a secret scheme to do something (especially something underhand or illegal); "they concocted a plot to discredit the governor"; "I saw through his little game from the start"
a communal effort and once guys like Steve Powers and Chris Norden and Al Yarusso and Harvey Smith and Bob White started kicking around ideas, things really started to take shape
a very early start
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Acronym for the GEWEX Asian Monsoon experiment, the goal of which is to understand the role of the Asian monsoon in the global climate system and develop methods for long-range forecasting. See the GAME Web site for further information.
a holistic experience
a kind of abstract storytelling that resembles the world of common experience but compresses it in order to heighten interest
a competition where etopps users that are eligible can compete against other users
a competitive event done for personal pleasure
a surprisingly competent (though ridiculously easy) portable version of GGX, but it's more of a novelty
GAME is a C language framework for creating geometrical games using ncurses text screens. Created in unix platforms, but can be ported to more systems, because it uses standar ansi C. No graphics, no directX
A game consists of six periods called chukkers, each seven minutes in duration. A period of four minutes is allowed between chukkers to change horses.
A hockey game is made up of three periods of 20 minutes each. There are various methods of dealing with a tie after the regulation game has ended, depending the level of play and the importance of the game in question. See overtime; penalty shootout.
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a diversion, or ought the playground t to be
an extremely interesting and impassioned book which provides the reader with questions to answer for him or herself about extremism vs
a question that will have to be answered if Diener is going to get drafted and/or stick with a team
One string by each member of a team or group.
To rejoice; to be pleased; -- often used, in Old English, impersonally with dative.
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a ludeme with presentation
a repetitive pattern of behavior that may surface, potentially interfering with the harmony of a relationship
a repetitive, usually predictable, sequence of transactions, characterised by a sudden "switch" at the end
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Crooked; lame; as, a game leg.
disabled in the feet or legs; "a crippled soldier"; "a game leg"
GLOSSARY: explanation of words peculiar to a situation or a group; used only if the glossary is a part of the story.
an appropriate format for this situation because it provides another way to work with the subject
an appropriate format to expose learners to some ADDIE concepts
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In the Church of Scientology, L.
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an agreed or stipulated number of frame s
an agreed or stipulated number of frames
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a LOT better
a lot easier to pull off in Charlotte than it is in bigger markets
a lot like a movie and it needs to hold attention
a directed, more or less coordinated, but above all skilful set of actions, and speaking (not the abstract 'language use') is a form of acting
a machine that can get into action
A system of action consisting of various courses of action against resistance with the intention to fulfill a purpose or goal for one's amusement.
a selforganising structure, just like society
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a perfect match for his ability to work one-on-one and go strong to the bucket which should produce numerous visits to the charity stripe
a small part of a match
A chance promotion, employing a bingo-type card, matching device or rub-off card.
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a DEXPTIME-hard problem
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a forest indeed
an inanimate object, with no money to sue for and no cognitive skills to speak of
a (currently )PbeM Unknown Armies(R) campaign by me
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a commercial endeavor
Keywords:  boyfriend, victim, great, place, meet
a great place to meet your next victim, uh, I mean, boyfriend
a great place to start
a "How to Guide" for future and current Puppetmasters
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a sloppy album that should have been left on the drawing board
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a data CD, yes, but as said, select CD Image from Nero's first menu
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your occupation or line of work; "he's in the plumbing game"; "she's in show biz"
a new training, leadership, and community-building resource for anyone interested in the ADA and the rights of people with disabilities
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In keno, the sale of tickets and the sale of numbers to determine the winner( s), same as race.
a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive
a stirring industry and studying more about it is quite valuable
an artistically simplified representation of a phenomenon
an entirely different one altogether
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place a bet on; "Which horse are you backing?"; "I'm betting on the new horse"
A slang term used in conversation which is interchangeable for all poker variants. It is used to describe a particular poker session.
A Game is the software and accompanying data files required to run a particular server. A game can be installed on a host, allowing a game server to be created on that host. In particular, note that game modifications, or mods, are generally treated as separate games in GameCreate.
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A prostitute
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a world, and things that you must clearly do in that world
a world to itself, by itself
Keywords:  discrete, event, short, term
a discrete, short-term event
a failed method of getting wanted strokes
Keywords:  faster, process
a slightly faster process
Keywords:  culture, part
a part of culture
Keywords:  modern, science, art, form
a modern form of art and science
Keywords:  logical, complex, system
a complex logical system
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Each Set is comprised of at least 6 Games.
Keywords:  focus, common, group
a common focus for a group
Keywords:  phase, early, strong, lead, engineering
a system, and good systems engineering practices, when applied in the early design phase, lead to strong balanceability
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an extension of social man"
a specialized type of program, but it is still just a program written in a programming language
Keywords:  danger, face, willing
willing to face danger
Keywords:  left, smaller, moves, side, right
a number when all the moves on the left side is smaller than the moves on the right side
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a program , a word www
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a HANDS-ON learning process that also involves the body
Keywords:  model, type
a type of a model
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a number just when it is a cut, i
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See Video Game
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