Definitions for "Galleys"
A publisher's initial typeset version of an author's manuscript, usually after final editing but prior to pagination for the final version. Authors are generally given an opportunity to review galleys for errors or significant changes. How much may be changed is often spelled out in contracts.
The initial typeset form of a manuscript, sent to an author for review.  Page divisions are not made, but type size and column format are set.
The initial typeset form of a manuscript, sent to an author for review before it is printed or sold commercially. This is what the reviewer reads as well.
Refers to the long sheets of paper bearing the first trial impression of the type. Also known as galley proof.
images drawn from long trays of type, use to check the typesetter's work. In modern printing galleys are no longer common, but the word is sometimes applied to modern proofs. In particular bound copies of page proofs that are circulated to elicit blurbs are often called galleys.
A rough unit of measurement, usually 22 inches, and used for type composition. Often referred to as ‘galley proofs', these long sheets are the first trial runs of type and are printed before the pages are numbered. Compare with proofs.
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Long boats, powered by oars, pulled by writers.
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