Definitions for "Gabardine"
A coarse frock or loose upper garment formerly worn by Jews; a mean dress.
From the Spanish word "gabardine". A sturdy fabric with a twill 45º diagonal ribs and woven from hard, twisted yarn.
A tightly woven fabric made in a twill weave with diagonal ribs. Gabardine is usually made of cotton, wool or rayon. It wears very durably and is commonly used for sportswear, uniforms, suits, and raincoats.
Gabardine was a band on Saddle Creek Records that formed in 1996. Comprised of members of Beep Beep, Broken Spindles, and The Faint, their members were Chris Hughes, Eric Bemberger, Ben Armstrong, and Joel Petersen. They released one self-titled album and added two tracks to the Saddle Creek sampler.
Garbardine's self-titled was the only release by the band from Omaha, Nebraska.