Definitions for "fuZe"
.: fuZe :. Fusing client and server-side processing with an extremely advanced utilization of the DOM and current web technologies into a powerful JavaScript/DHTML API including run-time loading of client & server-side code modules.
A tube, filled with combustible matter, for exploding a shell, etc. See Fuse, n.
A designed and manufactured mechanism to activate a mine or munition. It can be designed for use by electrical, chemical or mechanical systems; by push, pull, pressure, release and time activation, singly or in combination. Usually consists of an igniter and detonator.
A wire, bar, or strip of fusible metal inserted for safety in an electric circuit. When the current increases beyond a certain safe strength, the metal melts, interrupting the circuit and thereby preventing possibility of damage. It serves the same function as a circuit breaker.
a weapon subsystem that activates the warhead mechanism in the vicinity of the target and also maintains the warhead in a safe condition during all prior phases of the logistic and operational chain
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Fuze is a brand of beverage.