Definitions for "Futurism"
A movement or phase of post-impressionism (which see, below).
An important early AVANT-GARDE movement which worshipped machinery, speed, modernity and revolutionary change.
A style of art that originated in Italy in the early twentieth century that represented and interpreted a dynamic, modern, machine-powered world. Futurists endeavored to represent movement and speed. also futurism, a current movement attracting support form many disciplines including the arts, based on the goal of developing "future consciousness" by anticipating change.
A point of view that finds meaning or fulfillment in the future rather than in the past or present. The philosophy of a futurist.
The belief that all or most of the book of Revelation describes future events and provides readers with a detailed explanation of those approaching events. Premillennial dispensationalists are futurists, but not all futurists are premillennial dispensationalists.
Futurism is an interpretation of the Bible in Christian eschatology placing the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel generally in the future as literal, physical, apocalyptic and global. Other views place the fulfillment of such prophecies in the past as literal, physical and local (Preterism; Historicism), or in the present as non-literal and spiritual (Idealism).
The creation of ideas, insights, and inspiration to bring the fuzzy world of tomorrow into a clear perspective today. The purpose of studying the future is to discover the possibilities and opportunities that the future has to offer, and to proactively create an optimum pathway into the future.
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the position that the meaning of life should be sought in the future