Definitions for "Futile"
Of no importance; answering no useful end; useless; vain; worthless.
producing no result or effect; "a futile effort"; "the therapy was ineffectual"; "an otiose undertaking"; "an unavailing attempt"
unproductive of success; "a fruitless search"; "futile years after her artistic peak"; "a sleeveless errand"; "a vain attempt"
Futile is a promotional EP recorded by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree in the same sessions as In Absentia but didn't make it onto the album (Except in certain cases where some of the tracks were re-released with special editions of In Absentia). The EP was later re-released by the band on their online store Burning Shed as a downloadable album with different tracklist, along with special artwork that buyers could print off and add to a CD case.
Talkative; loquacious; tattling.