Definitions for "Fusing"
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Fusing is the joining of glass while in it's molten state. It is what happens to each gather of glass added to the piece being worked, a fundamental step in all glassblowing. It also is used to describe work done in a kiln or an oven where the pieces of glass are allowed to fuse together while hot.
This is a technique of using heat to bond two items together. I might have invented the technique of fusing large pieces of fine silver to glass. As far as I know, it was new to the Society of Glass Beadmakers conventions I have attended. If I find earlier history of this technique, I will update this definition.
The melting or bonding of units together by heat.
All OSRAM SYLVANIA Quicktronic ballasts contain inherent electrical protection. Although there is no need to externally fuse the ballast, should code or regulation require one, 3 amp slow blow fuses are recommended.
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Gang Mold Gather
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Moves two points to the same location in space without welding them. Works fine with the surface modifier.