Definitions for "Funder"
means the body or bodies responsible for the funding of pharmaceuticals listed on the Schedule (which may be one or more DHBs and/or the Ministry of Health) and their successors.
specifies the name of an individual, institution, or organization responsible for the funding of a project or text.
an organization that provides financial support in the form of a grant
An agency (government, foundation, or corporate, or other entity), that provides financial or other tangible support for the work of an organization.
The person, employed by the mortgage banker, that reviews the file after all conditions have been satisfied and all final papers signed to ensure proper compliance with loan-program guidelines.
The ultimate lessor! Many vendor lease programmes or leases negotiated with brokers are then assigned to a new lessor who funds the lease long term.
is a Bank or Building Society that lends money to Social Landlords or Council.