Definitions for "fundamentalist"
of or pertaining to fundamentalists or fundamentalism.
One who believes in the infallibility of the Bible as inspired by God and that it should be accepted literally.
a person who adheres to a strict and literal interpretation of a set of basic principles.
an evangelical who is angry about something
an evangelical with a far stronger antipathy to secular culture, to higher education in general
a person unwilling even to consider alternative beliefs - whether about atheism or theism, foreign policy or health care policy, you name it
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a purist who shuns contact with the "other"
An investor who utilizes fundamental analysis.
A person who thinks that a corporation's security prices are determined by its future earnings and dividend abilities. Besides studying a corporation's financial data, they will also examine its industry and how the economy will affect the company's core business. See: Dividend; Fundamental Analysis; Technical Analyst
One who uses fundamental analysis.
characteristic of a fundamentalist; -- especially, resembling the behavior of a fundamentalist; as, a fundamentalist dislike of new ideas.
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a motor that warms up and then turns around too fast
Keywords:  tending, relating
of or relating to or tending toward fundamentalism
Keywords:  supporter
a supporter of fundamentalism.