Definitions for "Functionality"
capable of serving a purpose well; "software with greater functionality"
a capability the web site provides to its visitors
Capable of performing or operating as in an assigned interdependent activity.
the intended or possible use of something, having a function Geeks still clamor for the latest computer but there is also a trend among makers to emphasize the functionality of their products for the ordinary user. function (n), functional (adj)
What a product does for the buyer and user; the utility it offers the user; what he or she can do with it.
The degree to which the designed part will perform to meet its intended purpose.
how well an item performs the activities expected of it.
How the system performs its functions.
A service provided to the user as part of a computer program that performs a specific task for the user. For example, you may want to discuss your need for "import functionality" with a programmer.
ROSI provides users with automated support for their business processes. The functionality in ROSI is very diverse.
What the computerised part of a system does to automate the business process.
The ability to live in an unassisted fashion.
The overall ability of an application usability.
Degree of density of a design; also the logical integrity of a Boolean circuit, independent of detailed speed or parametric behavior.
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an optional add-on to the basic SendSafe system
The certainty that data processing is correct and complete, in accordance with the description in the functional specifications.
A set of functions and their specified properties that satisfy stated or implied needs.
The relative usefulness of a functional requirement as it satisfies a business need.
The number of reactive groups in a chemical molecule.
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a part if the process/thread of Excel
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What the software is able to do.
a service provided by the router and is not interface specific
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