Definitions for "FTL"
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Full Truck Load (also TL).
Full Truck Load. Same as Full Container Load, but in reference to motor carriage instead of containers.
See Full Truck Load.
Faster Than Light (usually communication or travel)
Faster Than Light - There are a few known things that go faster than light, but this term generally refers to ships or communications both of which are not possible with current technology, nor (given our current understanding of physics) will it ever be possible.
An FTL, or "Faster Than Light", Drive is a fictional propulsion technology from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica television series that allows space ships to achieve superluminal travel. They are fuelled by a refined version of the fictional ore tylium.
One of the most commonly mistranslated abbreviations. "Follow the leader"- normally used to mean "rotate the circle," though your director may give other instructions. See also: SS Translator.
Fire team leader, a sergeant In game one of two subordinates to the SSG, in charge of up to a 4-soldier squad (including himself)
Field Team Leader
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Acronym for aster han ight.
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FTL is a locally-developed search engine used in several collections of journals that are accessible through UMDL.
File Typing Language. The language used in the system rulebase to define the rules by that identify file types.
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Future Temporal Logic
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For The Loss, a sports or game term.