Definitions for "FTC"
Federal Trade Commission. Federal agency whose purpose is to encourage free...
Federal Trade Commission. Federal agency empowered to prevent persons or corporations from using unfair methods of competition in commerce. They are now involved with monitoring commerce on the Internet, especially with regard to its growth, content, and potential for fraudulent activity.
FTC - Federal Trade Commission
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ast ime onstant An anti-clutter circuit in a radar set which is effective in improving range discrimination in areas of very strong returns such as close to shore. Due to its effect in reducing the clutter from heavy rain squalls, this control is often labelled "Rain Clutter" on marine radar sets.
Abbreviation for emtricitabine.
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Forest Tent Caterpillars
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First to cash, or first to cash. Usually used in the phrase "FTC wins" when referring to a late-game stalemate.
See Non-Graded Standings, transcript legend.
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Flying Training Command
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Foreign tax credit. In the U.S. tax code, a credit against domestic U.S. income taxes up to the amount of foreign taxes paid on foreign-source income.
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First Time Capability.
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Funding A Trust