Definitions for "FTA"
Federal Transit Authority
Freight Transport Association
Federal Transportation Authority
Free Trade Agreement - signed in 1988 by Canada and the United States.
Canada-US Free Trade Agreement
Fair Trading Act -
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FIELD TRANSITION ARCHES. Filament-like fibrils which cross the polarity inversion line (a line marking the halfway point between two opposite polarity areas) of a bipolar magnetic region. Unlike AFS fibrils, they show little or no Doppler shifts and tend to be rather thin and not very dark. FTA tend to arch directly between localized areas of opposite magnetic polarity, and often mark magnetically stable regions.
Fluorescent treponemal antibody
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Fuck the Army. Usually seen written on latrine walls.
Flexographic Technical Association. A trade association with branches around the world who act as a training and information service to flexographic printers.
fire training area
Formal Training Assistance.
The defendant and/or victim failed to appear for a scheduled court appearance.
Failure to appear. defendant does not appear for court, order for arrest is issued.
An unscrambled broadcast, which you can view without additional payments to a service provider.
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Floating Tone Arm -- a much broader F/N which exceedes the range on the dial and requires Tone Arm adjustment to view it entirely
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The two most common digital schemes found on C-band and Ku band are 4DTV and FTA. FTA receivers are available to consumers, but there is effectively no regular HD programming.
Florida Telephone Association.
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Fault Tree Analysis
Functional Requirements Specification