Definitions for "FSA"
formerly known as the Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service. A federal agricultural agency that locally administers funding for commodity and conservation programs.
Financial Security Agreement - as used to provide for decommissioning expenditure. Gas.
Financial service industry in UK , which sets the rules for financial companies operation and looks after public interest, the only regulatory authority in UK .
Forward sortation area. A three character code indicating a Canada Post Corporation distribution area. It is the first three characters of the postal code. In urban areas, it describes an area roughly the size of 25 letter carrier routes.
Forward Sortation Area. First three digits of the six digit postal code.
See Forward Sortation Area. (région de tri d'acheminement – RTA)
Flexible Spending Arrangement. An plan that lets an employee have pretax dollars deducted from payroll to pay for health insurance deductibles, copayments and dependent care assistance.
Flexible Savings Account. A consumer-driven health plan that reimburses the plan member for qualified health costs or dependent care expenses through one pre-tax savings account. Members or employers or both fund the account. At the end of each year, unused funds are forfeited by the account holder.
( lexible pending rrangement) A Medical Reimbursement Plan (including a Health FSA) or DCAP that gives employees coverage under which eligible expenses may be reimbursed, subject to certain conditions such as a maximum limit. The most common FSA is one offered through a Cafeteria Plan, with employees paying the entire premium for coverage through pre-tax dollars.
see glossary entry finite state automata
Finite State Automaton. or Finite State Machine (FSM) A machine which can be totally described by a finite set of states, it being in one these at any one time, plus a set of rules which determine when it moves from one state to another.
Fire Safety Act. In the United States, the aim of the Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990 is to save lives and protect property by promoting fire and life safety in hotels, motels and other places of public accommodation. The law mandates that federal employees on travel must stay in public accommodations that adhere to the life safety requirements in the legislation guidelines. It also states that federally funded meetings and conferences cannot be held in properties that do not comply with the law. This is applicable to all places of public accommodation, and requires that such properties are equipped with: hard-wired, single-station smoke detectors in each guestroom in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 72; and, an automatic sprinkler system, with a sprinkler head in each guest room in compliance with NFPA standards 13 or 13R. Properties three stories or lower in height are exempt from the sprinkler requirement.
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FREIGHT STATUS ANSWER. A standard CargoIMP message identifier used to reply to a Status Request (FSR) indicating latest status, or statuses, in the movement of the nominated shipment.
Face arial sans-serif a href http www fsa org Fabless Semiconductor Association
Florida Student Association
Foundation Skills Assessment. This assessment is administered annually to all students in Grades 4, 7, and 10. It measures student achievement in reading comprehension, first draft writing, and numeracy.
Foreign Student Adviser (also ISA)
Fortismere School Association
Food Stamp Act/Administration
Family Support Act
Family Support Administration; part of Administration for Children and Families in HHS.
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See Fellow of the Society of Actuaries.
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Fuel Surcharge Adjustment
an abstract machine made up of states (including a special "start" or "initial" one as well as one or more "final" states) where one takes a state-state transition if the input token matches that for the transition --- that can recognize a regular language and so is equivalent to a regular expression --- often used for document analysis
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Food Standard Agency
Food Standards Agency
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The number four-ranked municipal bond insurer.