Definitions for "FRP"
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. Commonly called fiberglass, this is a glazing material that is usually corrugated, and has a life of around 7 years.
Fiber Reinforced Plastics. A general term for composite materials or parts that consist of a resin matrix that contains reinforcing fibers such as glass or fiber and have greater strength or stiffness than the resin. FRP is most often used to denote glass fiber-reinforced plastics.
Fiberglass reinforced plastic. A general term covering any type of plastic reinforced cloth, mat, strands or any other form of fibrous glass.
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Federal Response Plan. The plan that coordinates federal resources in disaster situations. The FRP is designed to address the consequences of any disaster or emergency situation in which there is need for federal assistance under the authorities of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 42 USC 5121 et seq. The FRP is also the federal government's plan of action when assisting affected states and local jurisdictions in the event of a severe disaster or emergency. The plan consists of 12 Emergency Support Functions (ESFs). See also Emergency Support Function.
See Federal Response Plan.
Federal Radio-navigation Plan
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Fire Resistant Polyamide
Filterable Reactive Phosphorus
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Fantasy Role Playing.
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Feeder Road Programme
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Common material for PCB's.
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See File reader process.