Definitions for "Frontside"
adjective Generally refers to the direction of a turn on an incline, meaning the frontside of the body is facing the wall. However, in modern street skating this has taken on new meanings as tricks progress from older, established tricks.
A type of grind . If you are approaching a bar on your right and the turn is clockwise 90 degrees to get onto it, you are performing a frontside grind.
Su, Sk. Also called toeside. Your front and toes face uphill when turning.
Frontside is the side that is opposite the back. For postcards, the Frontside is coated with aqueous coating.
In 4/1 printing, this is usually the image and color-coated side of the postcard. In 4/4 printing, it is usually considered the side of the postcard that does not contain the address information.
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The front or grandstand area of the racetrack.
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Frontside is a Polish metalcore band.