Definitions for "Frontier"
That part of a country which fronts or faces another country or an unsettled region; the marches; the border, confine, or extreme part of a country, bordering on another country; the border of the settled and cultivated part of a country; as, the frontier of civilization.
Lying on the exterior part; bordering; conterminous; as, a frontier town.
The margin between the occupied land and the wilderness in the settlement of the US.
a barren hardship post, not a place of opportunities, explains a Chinese colleague
The American hybrid Frontier is a U. S. National Arboretum introduction derived from a crossing of the European Smooth-leaved Elm U. minor subsp. minor with the Chinese Elm U. parvifolia in 1971, a unique example of the hybridization of a spring-flowering elm with an autumn-flowering species. Released in 1990, Frontier develops a vase or pyramidal shape, and glossy green foliage turning to burgundy in autumn.
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An outwork.
Traditionally, the term Americans have used to describe the unexplored or contested land to the west of the eastern settlements on the Atlantic coast. Scholars have pointed out that the term "blurs the facts of conquest" and does not take into account the many other peoples who were displaced--sometimes violently--to make way for U.S. expansion.
An unexploited natural area at the leading edge of human settlement.
a pluggable module in Heritrix that maintains the internal state of the crawl
a place in space or time that is devoid of political power structures and their schemes for "legalized theft"
a zone that unites the idea of an obstacle to that of crossing
a zone where no states exercises complete political control
The Government tighten its guard around the frontier between Mexico and the United States.
"Frontier" is the nineteenth episode of the French animated television series Code Lyoko. It premiered in France on January 7, 2004 and in the United States on May 13, 2004.
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See UserLand Frontier.
Frontier is a telephone company that provides service serving rural communities in 30 states of the United States. Currently, they are owned by Citizens Communications, and are not connected to a Regional Bell Operating Company or AT&T. They were formerly known as Rochester Telephone Company, and often telephone equipment in the Rochester, New York area still bears that name.
Pertaining to unreached areas or peoples.
an undeveloped field of study; a topic inviting research and development; "he worked at the frontier of brain science"
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a penetration phenomenon
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Frontier is an EP that the Boston pop group Lifestyle released on CD in 2001. It is out of print.
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The set of external discs, that is to say discs which are adjacent to an empty square.
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a place that has never been seen.
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To constitute or form a frontier; to have a frontier; -- with on.
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a space of possibility
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Land that is under-used/un-managed by humans
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Of or relating to a frontier.
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Limit between two states.