Definitions for "Freshen"
Commonly used to designate the act of calving (parturition); to give birth to a calf and concurrently initiate lactation.
Keywords:  refresh, revive, cool, feel, water
To refresh; to revive.
make (to feel) fresh; "The cool water refreshed us"
To relieve, as a rope, by change of place where friction wears it; or to renew, as the material used to prevent chafing; as, to freshen a hawse.
Keywords:  gale, increases
A gale that increases is said to freshen.
Keywords:  salty, saline, flesh, ingredients, fish
To make fresh; to separate, as water, from saline ingredients; to make less salty; as, to freshen water, fish, or flesh.
Keywords:  brisk, grow, saltness, lose, wind
To grow fresh; to lose saltness.
To grow brisk or strong; as, the wind freshens.
Keywords:  tennis, oneself, game
become or make oneself fresh again; "She freshened up after the tennis game"
Keywords:  milk, come
To come into milk.
Keywords:  wind, increases
The wind freshens as it increases.