Definitions for "Fresco "
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The art of painting on freshly spread plaster, before it dries.
In modern parlance, incorrectly applied to painting on plaster in any manner.
A painting on plaster in either of senses a and b.
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Frit Frit
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In computing, Fresco (formerly known as Berlin) is a windowing system. It is intended as a replacement for the X Window System. As of December 21, 2006, the last activity in the project's CVS repository was dated June 11, 2004.
Fresco is an experimental windowing system which is a logical extension of the integrated layout and structured graphics model developed in InterViews and the original Fresco project. It makes heavy use of CORBA for transparent inter-process control, and utilizes a loadable module framework to maintain good drawing speed and extensive customizabillity.
A cool, refreshing state of the air; duskiness; coolness; shade.
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Fresco is an album by British house music band M People.