The pattern or shape formed by the group of measurements in a distribution.
the frequency of occurrence of the values of a variable. For each possible value of the variable, there is an associated frequency with which the variable assumes that value.
a list of the frequency of each score or group of scores in a set of scores. (642)
A media planning term describing an analysis of frequency typically prepared via computer. It reports by the percentage of the population (reach) exactly how many times each person is exposed to a message. For example, with an average frequency of three times, the frequency distribution shows you what percentage of the people heard the message once, twice, three times, etc.
A breakdown by levels of frequency, of the number of persons reached, i.e. reach broken down into ‘x' people exposed to the advertisement once, ‘y' people exposed twice, ‘z' people exposed three times, and so on.
The number or percentage of individuals or households that were re-exposed to a program, station or advertisement one time, two tomes, three times, etc.
Frictionless market Frictions
proportion of a population that has the same trait or phenotype.
a listing of all values that populate a particular
The proportion of the target audience that will see the publications in the schedule a certain number of times. eg. 3 or more times (3+).
The array of reach according to the level of frequency delivered to each group.
A display of cases divided into mutually exclusive and contiguous groups according to a quality-related criterion.
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