Definitions for "Frenzy"
Keywords:  mad, rage, agitation, violent, frantic
Any violent agitation of the mind approaching to distraction; violent and temporary derangement of the mental faculties; madness; rage.
Mad; frantic.
To affect with frenzy; to drive to madness
Frenzy (1972) is a crime thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and is the penultimate feature film of his extensive career.
Keywords:  enz, finn, tim, album, ventured
Frenzy is a 1979 album by New Zealand New Wave band Split Enz. The album, like much of the band's work, featured mainly Tim Finn compositions. Frenzy ventured even further beyond the band's art rock roots to more of a pop sound.
Keywords:  toyline, tik, tremor, fictional, italy
Frenzy (Frénétik in Canada and Tremor in Italy) is a fictional character in the Transformers toyline.
Keywords:  berzerk, sequel, arcade, stern, hit
Frenzy was an arcade game published by Stern Electronics in 1982. It was a sequel to the hit 1980 arcade game Berzerk.
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The Frenzy is a $2+$0 Unlimited Rebuy No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $4000 that is played Monday to Friday at 5pm ET. To find out more about the Guaranteed tournaments please Click Here.