Definitions for "Freight Forwarder"
An independent business that handles shipments for Compensation, either a local cartage or long haul carrier.
Common carrier who transports or provides transport of property by assembling or consolidation of shipments, performs break bulk or distributing operations in regard to such consolidated shipments and assumes responsibility for the transportation of such goods from point of receipt to point of destination.
Person or business who arranges documentation and travel facilities for companies despatching goods to customers. Friendly Society. A mutual benefit organisation having the main aim of providing maintenance and relief to members during sickness and retirement. Their tax advantages enable them to offer tax effective policies, but for limited premium levels only.
Any agent or facility designated to receive, process, and transship U.S. material to foreign recipients. In the context of this Manual, an agent or facility cleared specifically to perform these functions for the transfer of U.S. classified material to foreign recipients.
a company or individual who organises the movement of goods