Definitions for "Freezing"
temporary, involuntary inability to take a step or initiate movement
Temporary, involuntary inability to move--i.e., abrupt stop in walking or body movement
Abrupt and temporary inability of Parkinson's patients to move that frequently occurs at a boundary such as a door or when exiting a car
Tending to freeze; for freezing; hence, cold or distant in manner.
The change in state of matter from liquid to solid that occurs with cooling. Usually used in meteorology when discussing the formation of ice from liquid water.
A descriptor, FZ, used to describe drizzle and/or rain that freezes on contact with the ground or exposed objects, and used also to describe fog that is composed of minute ice crystals.
This is the absence of heat. A controlled change of the product temperature as a function of time, during the freezing process, so as to ensure a completely frozen form.
In conservation work, freezing is used for a number of purposes: Some objects can be frozen to kill insects at all stages of their life cycle. This is a non-chemical disinfestation method. In a disaster, particularly one which involves water damage, freezing can be used to minimise or prevent further deterioration to objects until they can be dealt with adequately. Under these conditions freezing is not a drying technique; and although it will stop mould from growing, it will not kill existing mould spores. It simply stabilises the materials in the condition in which they were found to allow time for priorities, treatment methods and disposal/replacement programs to be established.
Freezing at processing plants is done in huge blast freezers at temperatures of -30ºF. When turkey is frozen this quickly, there is not enough time for large ice crystals to form, so the quality of the meat remains excellent. If products are frozen in regular freezers, the juices in the meat freeze in the form of large ice crystals. These large ice crystals tear the turkey flesh and damage the texture of the meat. When the product is thawed, the meat may be mushy and will weep juices.
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Damage to your residence, household contents and/or personal possessions from freezing is covered if you maintain heat in the building or shut off and drain the water system and appliances when the building is under construction, vacant or unoccupied.
When the Mac OS, an extension, or an application running atop the Mac OS becomes corrupted, it can write information in memory over vital system resources used to make the computer function. The computer will cease to operate normally, and the cursor will freeze and no longer respond to mouse movement. This condition is worse than a system error, because the computer cannot properly shut down the hard drive. This can cause file corruption and file structure damage. This condition can also be caused by hardware failure.
A stabilization technique for water damaged materials. Provides time for establishing work areas and allows postponement of treatment. Wet paper will increase in size as much as 8% upon freezing; some physical distortion should, therefore, be expected.
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a dog's total refusal to give up the bird to the handler.
Refusal to give up a retrieve freely.
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an insignificant part of that total effort
A hardening or crystalizing of the adhesive after application so that tape cannot be removed easily or cleanly.
Term used to denote the solidification process. See Solidification.
Causing the condition in which no changes can be made to data in version-enabled rows in a workspace, and access to the workspace is restricted.