Definitions for "Freestyle"
One of the four competitive strokes. Any means of movement may be used except pulling on lane lines or walking on the bottom.
One of the 4 competitive racing strokes. Freestyle (Free) is swam as the fourth stroke in the Medley Relay and fourth stroke in the I.M.
crawl) Alternating arm and kick, breathing to side, standard stroke used by all
The kind of snowboarding which is mostly associated with riding the halfpipe, but may also be used to describe any type of snowboarding which includes tricks and maneuvers.
A type of riding where tricks are performed using terrain features such as Half pipes, Jumps, rails and flatland tricks. Riders spend as much time riding fakie as they do riding forward. Half Pipe (A.K.A.-"Pipe")- Evolved from skateboarding, shaped like a cross section of a pool with a flat bottom, Transitions, and "Vert" (the vertical portion of the wall).
(Jargon Rating= 2) To ski or snowboard with fancy maneuvers. Why not have fun and bet your friend that they cant do a 360 reverse spin on a snowboard without letting go of their pint.
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A type of skiing that comprises three different disciplines: moguls, aerials and acro. The first two are Olympic events.
adjective Type of inline skating most similar to ice figure skating, also called artistic.
Type of in-line skating most similar to ice figure skating, also called artistic
Freestyle is a software for Non-Photorealistic Line Drawing rendering from 3D scenes. Inspired by Pixar's Renderman, it is designed as a programmable interface to allow maximum control over the style of the output image.
Both the arms and legs may be used to execute holds or to defend against attack. Freestyle is similar to the "folkstyle" wrestling popular in American schools and universities, but with different scoring and strategies. There are some major differences between the U.S. folkstyle wrestling and the international styles.
a race (as in swimming) in which each contestant has a free choice of the style to use
Freestyle is a radio program on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio One, hosted by Marsha Lederman and Cameron Phillips, and produced by Anna Bonokoski. (Kelly Ryan co-hosted with Phillips until December 2006.)
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Jocelyn Davis also known as Freestyle is a character from the comic book series DV8. She first had a background appearance in Gen¹³ #7, by Brandon Choi, Jim Lee and J.
Also known as musical freestyle or kur; a dressage test with specific movements, set to music. It is judged on performance of the movements and on the musical interpretation. The rider chooses the music and choreographs the movements.
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A way of playing DDR where the object is to look good and perform for an audience introduced in DDR Max that requires the player to hold an arrow for some defined time
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It is left up to the Wench to decide which stitches, fibers and techniques to use. If using a kit and you've tossed out the directions, you are working freestyle. Designing your own piece? You are working freestyle. Have fun