Definitions for "Freeriding"
Snowboarding on all types of terrain for fun, no contest, no halfpipe, no gates, no rules.
Riding for fun, not competition. Has also been used to describe new freestyle events.
Plain old riding for for fun in any kind of gear.
The prohibited action of a client who buys securities and then sells them without paying for the initial purchase. See also: Frozen Account.
(1) When an underwriter does not make a legitimate offering of a hot issue, but instead holds back (retains) some securities for its own use. (2) When a client buys and sells securities without paying for them. See: Frozen Account.
1: A situation that occurs when a member of an underwriting syndicate withholds a portion of a public offering of a new securities issue with the intent to sell it at a price higher than the initial offering price. This is a violation of securities regulations because the underwriter is not making a legitimate offering to the public. 2: A situation that occurs when a customer purchases a security, then sells the same security and uses the proceeds to pay for the purchase. This practice is prohibited by Federal Regulation T which requires that customers pay for securities within prespecified time frames. Firms are required to freeze or restrict customer accounts that engage in this practice for 90 days. See: Frozen Account; Initial Public Offering