Definitions for "Freeman"
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A member of a corporation, company, or city, possessing certain privileges; a member of a borough, town, or State, who has the right to vote at elections. See Liveryman.
male of legal age with the right to vote, own land and practice a trade.
One who held the full rights of citizenship, such as voting and engaging in business, as opposed to an INDENTURED SERVANT
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One who enjoys liberty, or who is not subject to the will of another; one not a slave or vassal.
A person who owns land and slaves.
a person who is not a serf or a slave
Freeman (real name Malek Brahimi, also known as Abdelmalek Sultan) is a French hip hop artist and breakdancer. He is a member of the successful hip hop group IAM together with Akhenaton, Shurik'n, Khéops, Imhotep, and Kephren. He has also worked as a solo artist and an actor.
Freeman is a term used generally as an English or American Colonial expression in Puritan times, which referred to those persons who were not under legal restraint – usually for the payment of an outstanding debt, because of their continual drunkenness, because they had recently relocated, or because they were idle and had no way in which they could continue the justification of their stay within the colony.
'Soke man', exercising or subject to jurisdiction; free from many villagers' burdens; before 1066 often with more land and higher status than villagers; sochemannus
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Freeman is a video game character from SNK's .
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A person free to choose who they worked for