Definitions for "Freedom Party"
In Harry Turtledove's American Empire and Settling Accounts series of novels, the Freedom Party is a fascist political organization as well as an analog of the National Socialist German Workers' Party that takes power in the Confederate States of America during the 1930s, and leads the nation into a version of the Second World War.
The Freedom Party (PvdV) (Dutch: Party van de Vrijheid) was a short lived Dutch liberal political party. The PvdV was a predecessor of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy.
The Freedom Party is a political party in New Zealand. It was founded by Gareth Turner and Paul King, formerly members of the ACT New Zealand party. The party was announced on 13 March 2005, the same day that Turner failed to unseat Catherine Judd as president of ACT.
the most popular and feared Islamic extremist group in central Asia; advocates `pure' Islam and the creatioon of a worldwide Islamic state