Definitions for "Free press"
a component of democracy
a cornerstone of a democracy
a cornerstone of democracy and in order for it to function properly, journalists must be able to carry out their jobs without interference from authorities and the fear of imprisonment
a press not restricted or controlled by government censorship regarding politics or ideology
a constitutional right Editorial Cartoon Click to enlarge YESTERDAY was World Press Freedom Day, a United Nations-led celebration
a constitutional right Manila Times - YESTERDAY was World Press Freedom Day, a United Nations-led celebration
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a crucial ingredient of civil society
a dangerous thing, of course, just ask people like Hitler and Stalin
a great thing, but it is not the only great thing, and it will not lead to all other great things
a cherished national asset
a reality and not merely a cherished dream
a truly noble concept, and there must be some in the fourth estate uncomfortable w/telling lies and partial truths and ignoring real stories of what the peope are doing
a check on government
a marketplace of ideas
a necessity in exposing corruption in government and introducing ideas for societal improvements that may not have the backing of government leadership
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a distinct threat to creating mass delusions
a threat to war
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an important pillar of a democratic State
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a symbol of a free people