Definitions for "Free Market"
A package for perfoming technical analysis on stock market data consisting of data and indicator servers communicating through corba to clients for gui charting, etc. Real time streaming quotes and an EasyLanguage compatible indicator server included.
Free Market is a web-based business simulation game. The goal is to create a thriving business environment where players control everything, including manufacturing plants, retails stores, and banks.
Business governed by the laws of supply and demand, not restrained by government interference, regulation or subsidy.
a great thing, but every now and then it needs a serious prod in the rear, especially when it stagnates into a monopoly
a place where individuals and groups of individuals come together to transact voluntary exchanges without any backing of government force
a system where free and voluntary exchange is not interfered with, nothing more
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a myth just like true communism is a myth
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a liberal value
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a field of such conflicts
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same as free enterprise
a necessary consequence of the right to property and the right of association
a profit and loss system, with only the customers making the final decision
Social organization in which individuals control the means of production.