Definitions for "FRB"
Front-running bastard
Front Running Bastards. Overachieving Hashers who forget that Hashing is non- competitive. A good trail will confuse the FRBs so that they regularly end up being DFL and running past the rest of the pack two or three times.
FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. A United States government agency empowered by Congress to regulate credit in the country. Its members are appointed by the President of the United States.
Federal Reserve Board. The seven-member governing body of the Federal Reserve System, which is responsible for setting reserve requirements, and the discount rate, and making other key economic decisions.
Federal Reserve Board. Seven Governors of the U.S. Central Bank appointed by the President of the U.S., with the advice and consent of the Senate, responsible for management of the Federal Reserve System.
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Field Reagent Blank. A sample container that is treated as a sample in all respects, including exposure to sampling site conditions, storage, preservation and all analytical procedures. The purpose of the FRB is to determine if method analytes or other interferences are present in the field environment. This sample usually consists of the blank material, such as deionized water, that is passed through the sampling equipment at the field sampling site.
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Fast Rescue Boat.
Specifies source floating-point register for operation.
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Flat rate box