Definitions for "Franking"
Keywords:  postage, stamp, envelope, slogan, meter
Electronically stamping envelopes instead of using postage stamps.
The system where postage is paid by using a meter stamp put on an envelope by a franking machine. The meter stamp can also include an advertising slogan or logo.
An indication on a cover that postage is prepaid, partially prepaid or that the letter is to be carried free of postage. Franks may be written, hand-stamped, imprinted or affixed. Free franking is usually limited to soldiers' mail or selected government correspondence. Postage stamp and postage meter stamps are modern methods of franking a letter.
The percentage of the dividend, which carries a tax rebate and which, can be used by Australian residents to offset their tax payable.
Reducing liability to pay a pension by deduction of benefits payable under some other pension scheme.
This is the name given to taking any increase in the guaranteed minimum pension off the other pension benefits .
Keywords:  miter, intersection, sash, bars, enough
A method of forming a joint at the intersection of window-sash bars, by cutting away only enough wood to show a miter.
Another term for postmark or cancellation.