Definitions for "fragmentation"
The break-up of continuous habitat...
The splitting or isolating of patches of similar habitat, such as old-growth forests. Habitat are usually fragmented from forest management activities, such as clearcut logging.
A term that refers to forest landscapes that are broken and not continuous.
storage: The scattering of information on a disk into lots of little pieces. This can become a problem on a hard drives. A seriously fragmented disk appears slower because the computer has to search many places for information. Eventually a disk can become so fragmented it will lose data. Utilities can be used to defragment a disk and, although this may take some time with a hard drive, it is a good idea if you use your Mac a lot. A similar condition can occur in the computer's RAM (wierd things will begin to happen), in which case it is best to quit the applications and restart them.
The scattering of the individual parts of files throughout the surface of a hard disk. Accessing fragmented files takes longer, which is why disk optimizations to eliminate fragmentation is generally recommended before beginning compact disc recording.
The storing of a file in noncontiguous sectors on a disk. After files are erased, the operating system divides files and stores them in the first available spaces; the result is slower disk operation.
a classic indicator of apoptosis
a hallmark of apoptosis (programmed cell death)
a late event in apoptosis
In on-line commerce fragmentation refers to an industry or market segment that has many buyers and suppliers, rather than a few dominant players.
is the phenomenon where the free space, the space still available for use, in a piece of storage becomes divided into many small pieces. It is caused over time by allocating and deallocating ("freeing") pieces of the storage space of many different sizes. The result is that, although one may have plenty of free space, one may not be able to use it all, or at least use it as efficiently as one would like to. [more...
(n.) The result of the inefficient allocation and release of memory caused by multiple file deletions and write operations. Some part of unallocated memory becomes too small to meet a request and remains unused.
The interruption of a sleep stage due to the transition to a lighter stage, or to wakefulness, leading to disrupted sleep cycles.
the interruption of any stage of sleep due to appearance of another stage or waking. Sleep fragmentation connotes repetitive interruptions of sleep by arousals and awakenings.
Connotes repetitive interruptions of sleep by arousals and awakening
Separation into different parts, or preventing their integration, or detaching one or more parts from the rest. A fear of fragmentation of the personality, also known as disintegration anxiety, is often observed in patients whenever they are exposed to repetitions of earlier experiences that interfered with development of the self. This fear may be expressed as feelings of falling apart, as a loss of identity, or as a fear of impending loss of one's vitality and of psychological depletion.
the disintegration of social norms governing behavior and thought and social relationships
the disintegration, collapse, or breakdown of the norms.
a key factor in male infertility
an excellent marker for exposure to potential reproductive toxicants and a diagnostic/prognostic tool for potential male infertility
"Many fungi can reproduce by fragmentation. Any mycelium that is fragmented or disrupted, provided that the fragment contains the equivalent of the peripheral growth zone, can grow into a new colony. Many fungi are sub-cultured using this hyphal fragment technique. All of this weeks practical plates have been inoculated in this way with a cork bore taken from a colonized donor plate. Cut mycelial tips do not regenerate, but branches can form some distance from the damage point." Reproduction in the fungi.
The division of a geographically concentrated group, such as a racial or political group, among different districts for the purpose of minimizing the group's voting strength.
The division of available audience in a market among multiple vehicles of a particular medium.
The increasing number of audience subdivisions which, together, constitute total TV usage. Television audiences are said to be fragmented, for example, across a broad spectrum of video sources: nine broadcast networks, more than 50 cable networks, hundreds of syndicated programs, new DBS services, VCR and video game usage, Internet usage, etc.
The splitting of production processes into separate parts that can be done in different locations, including in different countries. One of many terms for the same phenomenon, this particular one (which I seem to favor) originated with Jones and Kierzkowski (1990).
Sometimes when a cell divides in the pre-implantationembryo it is not a clean split and small fragments of cell are lost. Microscopically,this gives the embryo a poorer appearance, leading to a lower grade. Fragmentedembryos are less likely to implant than those without any fragmentation. Wewill always choose the least fragmented embryos for transfer.
a major factor limiting mass range and resolution in the analysis of oligonucleotides by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-MS)
A common way of treating thematic material, especially in the development. Fragmentation of a theme is a common developmental tactic of Beethoven: you hear it notably in the development of the first movement of the Fifth Symphony, where the bridge material, already minimal, is fragmented into a dialogue of the two central pitches.
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See: heap fragmentation
the act or process of separating something into small pieces or fine particles.
Separation of a hyphae into conidia.
From Glossary of Terms for Device Independence ( 2005-01-18) The act of dividing up one or more authored units to create a set of perceivable units appropriate for a particular delivery context. This term has been replaced by the new term decomposition