Definitions for "Fragment"
A part broken off; a small, detached portion; an imperfect part; as, a fragment of an ancient writing.
A piece of a packet. When a router is forwarding an IP packet to a network that has a maximum packet size smaller than the packet size, it is forced to break up that packet into multiple fragments. These fragments will be reassembled by the IP layer at the destination host. See also: Maximum Transmission Unit. [Source: RFC1392
These are packets less than 64 octets long, and with either CRC (Cyclic Redundant Check) or alignment error(s).
a group of words that begins with a capitalized word and ends with a period, yet it does not form a complete sentence
a group of words that is punctuated like a sentence and that is trying to function as a sentence, but one of the necessary elements is missing
an incomplete sentence
A data structure containing pixel information which is a product of the pixel rasterization operation. A fragment consists of a color value and the coordinate of the frame buffer location at which that color value is to be written.
a tuple which consists of a window coordinate, colors and texture coordinates
Fragments are generated by the rasterization of primitives. Each fragment corresponds to a single pixel and includes color, depth, and sometimes texture-coordinate values.
The space allocated for an amount of data (usually at the end of a file) too small to require a full block, consisting of one or more subblocks (one thirty-second of block size).
a one-dimensional interval that has a physical size and spatial location
In the BSD "fast filesystem," a fragment is a portion of a disk block - usually one-eighth of a block, but possibly one-quarter or one-half of a block. If the last portion of a file doesn't occupy a full disk block, the filesystem will allocate one or more fragments rather than an entire block. Don't confuse "fragments" with "fragmentation." Fragments allow the BSD filesystem to use larger block sizes without becoming inefficient.
a sequence dependent property and depends primarily on the sum of the interactions between the constituent dinucleotides
a sequence of assembly language instructions or storage declarations, possibly containing
a unique portion of NAAP or a polynucleotide encoding NAAP which can be identical in sequence to, but shorter in length than, the parent sequence
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Gallery, Origins
A section of a manuscript or folio which has been damaged and become separated from the original quire or codex and represents only a fraction of the original. gathering Gathering is the term used for the units of construction in a printed book. It is the equivalent of the terms fascicle or booklet applied to the manuscript book.
Sets of Object Classes in a Network Resource Information Model grouping classes that model Resources from a certain perspective. An Object Class can belong to one or more Fragments. source: EU-P103 domain: Information Model usage: EU-P103
an extension of a plug-in and all the classes and resource files it contains are automatically added to the main plug-in classpath
As standardized in RFC 3986, the fragment is a part of a URI that is separated from the path/file name by a "#" character, and provides information that is reserved for processing by agents that are invoked by the browser to handle the resource information type of the URI. WebCGM standardizes the syntax and semantics of a URI fragment, for transmitting object and picture selection and behavior information to WebCGM viewers.
an ADA structure representing the particles within a given comparison event, that were not perfectly congruent
a critical determinant in efficiency of chromosomal integration and egg survival
a user-definable macro that automatically inserts components of the roadway, such as medians, lanes, curbs, and shoulders, making initial layout more efficient
a skrit function, event handler, transition handler, or dynamic trigger, and may be called specifically or automatically
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a way to take optional content (like a number of different drivers, say) and when loaded merge them into the host plugin as if they had been part of that plugin all along
a set of atoms all connected by a series of covalent bonds
a stretch of residues bonded together
An executable unit of code and its associated data. A fragment is produced by the linker and loaded for execution by the Code Fragment Manager.
A group of words that begins with a capital letter and ends with a period but that lacks a subject, a predicate, or both.
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Any detached portion or segment of an object.[ back to the top
A small mass of soil produced by a disturbance.
An alter-identity with a limited life history and function that does not have a fully developed personality.
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a XML instance, which has more than one root element
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A unit of disk storage that is smaller that a (4KB) page.
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a very different definition