Definitions for "FPS"
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Framing Pattern Sequence
rames er econd. This measures the speed at which games and multimedia run at. The more FPS the more times a new image is displayed on the screen. The higher the frame rate the smoother the animation looks.
Feet per second. A unit of measure used to check the velocity of a paintball exiting the barrel.
First Person Shooter games are games where the point of view is from the eyes of the player and where you, well, often shoot other players.
First Personne Shooter
First Person Shooting
Fax Preference Service is where residential customers, sole traders and partnerships can register to prevent unsolicited faxes from call centres and telemarketing agencies from. Opal offers a network-based service, which prevents outgoing calls being made to these numbers. (see also TPS)
Fax Preference Service. Service for people to register their request not to receive unsolicited faxes calls.
Database alimentare e conta calorie. E un semplice foglio Excel contenente un ampio database di alimenti nonchè un pratico ed intuitivo conta calorie. I dati dei cibi sono presi dal sito INRAN nonchè dalle etichette nutrizionali dei cibi in commercio.
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Funky Pizza Shop
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Fast Packet Switching¿ìËÙ·Ö×é1/2
Forward Picture Search - FAST forward of TAPE with visible picture scanning CUE (RPS is in reverse direction REVIEW).
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Free air (FAD) Free energy
Full Personal Name as Subject Full Personal Name of the subject of the article (see also PS). 2003: new introduced. Menkes, H J
Field Preparation Seminar... [for those w/ 85% support
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fixed pedal setting
A structured process Ford uses to organize and manage production at all Ford manufacturing plants globally.
Floating Production (of offshore oil and gas) System.
an agency in the General Services Administration that is a security organization to provide a safe environment where Federal agencies can conduct their business
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Force Protection Satellites
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Faces Pain Scale.
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Financial Planning System
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Federal Protective Service