Definitions for "FPD"
A core component for notebooks, FPDs are finding increasingly broad applications in desktop and other systems. Several FPD technologies are available, including liquid crystal display (LCD), gas plasma, electroluminescent, field emission display and digital micromirror devices. The most mature FPD technology is LCD, which includes active-matrix and passive-matrix varieties. See LCD.
Flat Panel Displays
Fixed Pixel Display. An all encompassing term for technologies that have pixels rather than scan lines like a CRT. LCD, DLP, plasma and LCoS are popular technologies that are used in fixed pixel displays.
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Focal Plane Deviation. Maximum deviation of the wafer surface above and below the focal plane.
focal plane deviation. the distance parallel to the optical axis from a point on the wafer surface to the focal plane.
Field Propulsion Drives (i.e. those that use some sort of field effect (i.e. electric/magnetic/force etc.) to generate a unidirectional thrust).
Field-programmable device. General term for any hardware component implemented on router cards that supports separate software upgrades. SIPs and SPAs must have the right FPD version to function properly; an FPD incompatibility disables all interfaces on the SPA or all SPAs within the SIP.
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front paste-down - the "page" that is glued over the inside of the front board of hard cover books, usually of one piece with the front end paper
Foreign Plant Diseases are transmissible plant diseases not normally found in the United States.