Definitions for "FPA"
The abbreviation of the Financial Planning Association of Australia. This is a national body representing professionals who specialise in giving financial planning advice, with 700 members, including 320 principal members (licensed dealers or investment advisers). FPA funds an independent cost-free Complaints Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct and holds the exclusive licence in Australia to confer the international designation of Certified Financial Planner.
Abbreviation for Financial Planning Association of Australia.
Financial Planning Advisors
Fulbright Program Adviser. Appointed by a campus to serve as the contact on campus for distribution of publicity, provision of guidance, receipt and transmittal of applications to IIE, and the conduct of on-campus interviews.
FINAL PROJECT AGREEMENT. EPA's Project XL program requires that each proponent develop a final project agreement that defines specific scope and goals to be achieved. For Intel, the FPA sets forth a five-year Environmental Master Plan for Intel's Ocotillo campus, located in Chandler, Arizona.
FINAL POWER AMPLIFIER. The final stage of amplification in a transmitter.
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"Full Page Ad" - This is a monster advertisement for a given site or sponsor. It's called an FPA because it tends to be the size of a full web page, and is generally produced with sliced images because the ad is so large. There are many great uses for FPAs on your hubs and other sites, but most TGP and Link Lists do not allow their use on submitted sites or galleries. An HPA is about the biggest ad you can get away with on galleries and Free Sites
This is an advert, for an adult website, which literally FILLS the viewers screen. Here is an EXAMPLE. Full page ads are usually sandwiched in between 2 important website pages, so that the surfer HAS to pass through this page. There is normally a link at the base of these full page adverts which allow the surfer continue on to the next page (presuming they didn't see something on this page that interested them). Full page ads are a proven way to make sales in the adult web business, and most sponsors today will have pre-made ones for you to use. Check out Getting FPAs to work.
Free of particular average.
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Focal Plane Assembly
Focal plane array
Film Pack Adaptor. Metal or wood holder for a film pack which was attached to the camera in place of the plateholder.
Fluorescence polarisation assay Relative centrifugal force
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Family Provisions Act 1984 (NSW)
See Function Point Analysis.
Function point analysis. A method aiming to measure the size of the functionality of an automated system. The measurement is independent of the technology. This measurement may be used as a base for the measurement of productivity, the estimation of the needed resources, and project control.
Flow Process Analysis. Analyses a process into a sequence of process elements in the order in which they occur
The infrared detector itself, usually a thin wafer less than 1” square. The most common fire service FPAs are 320x240 pixels or 160x120 pixels.
Fertilisers and Pesticides Authority
Floating Point Accelerator - this is a hardware add-on to a cpu which enables it to do floating point calculations more quickly by doing them in hardware rather than in software
Fee Protection Agreement
Franchise agreement Franchising
Flexible Premium Annuity. A type of fixed deferred annuity that permits flexible premium payments after the initial payment. Both principal and earnings are guaranteed.
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Fuel Price Adjustment
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Federal Power Act.